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6 Buttock slimming recipes

6 Buttock slimming recipes

6 Buttock slimming recipes

The first recipe:

By applying apple cider vinegar to the bottom and leave it for twenty minutes, and then wash with warm water. Repeat the topic twice a day for a month

The second recipe:

It is a paint mixture consisting of ground chili, ginger and olive oil.A tablespoon of chili and the same amount of ground ginger and half a small cup of olive oil are mixed and the ingredients are mixed and the bottom is applied with it once a day in the morning

The third recipe:

A diet recipe that helps burn fat and reduce weight in general and helps burn belly fat also next to the buttocks by boiling zucchini with green beans and after filtering them from the water, they are beaten in a blender with water to be in the form of juice and a cup of it is consumed after each main meal

Fourth recipe:

By drinking ginger and cinnamon, we boil them in equal proportions and take a cup of the mixture three times a day, helping to burn fat in the buttocks and abdomen area.
Fifth recipe:

Eating flaxseed pills daily with one tablespoon before bed helps in burning fats

Sixth method:

Very effective by bringing a short thermal dress from the pharmacy and an amount of olive oil. You anoint the buttocks with olive oil and wear this thermal dress during the day with normal handling and natural movement. This dress works with the oil to burn fat in the buttocks area and there are sports methods of walking a daily distance for twenty minutes At least there are exercises to lie on the ground and lift the legs alternately and there is also lying on the ground and moving with the feet straight through the buttocks so that friction does the fat burning process