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7 ways to lose belly after childbirth

7 ways to lose belly after childbirth

 The most important thing for women after pregnancy and lactation, which is the methods of reducing the belly and loosening the abdomen, and how much time is needed for that, and some natural drinks that play a major role in reducing belly fat after childbirth and pregnancy and are safe for breastfeeding.

7 ways to lose belly after childbirth

7 ways to lose belly after childbirth

Also, all of this will lead to the emergence of fat in the body and increase the rumen and abdomen, and we talked today about 10 ways to lose the abdomen after childbirth.

What are the causes of flatulence

There are many causes of flatulence in pregnant women, and it is mostly due to the relaxation of the front muscles of the abdomen.

As the muscle relaxation leads to an increase in the volume of the skin and its expansion over these muscles, and this increases the stomach and rumen flabbiness after childbirth.

But it is natural that all this sagging will disappear if women follow moderate diets within six months after giving birth.

But there are many cases that cause women to suffer from this matter for a long time and the sagging abdomen does not disappear within the six months period.

Belly sagging is one of the problems that occur to a woman's body and cause her great psychological distress

And it also hinders her from many things, including wearing appropriate clothes and impeding some of the normal daily practices that she must do.

There are various recipes and advice that its role is to reduce abdominal flabbiness and work to remove the rumen in record time, as well as maintain the appearance of the body and the integrity of the skin and skin in the areas of sagging, and this is what we will mention in detail in the following points.

7 ways to lose stomach after childbirth

1-Alum and starch

  • Alum and starch are two of the most effective skin tightening ingredients.
  • They are mixed with olive oil to make a paste to be applied on the abdomen until dry.
  • The abdomen is washed, and repeated several times to obtain the desired result.

2-Salt and olive oil
  • And put some olive oil mixed with table salt.
  • And bitter almond oil is added to them.
  • Abdominal massages are performed with them and it has great effectiveness in tightening sagging and supporting the health of the skin.

3-Jasmine oil and bitter almond oil

This recipe is applied to tighten the skin and sagging the abdomen by fat the abdomen with them and do some exercises to tighten the abdomen to get a taut and smooth abdomen.

4-Mixture of natural oils
  • This recipe is based on mixing many natural oils, which have good results in softening and moisturizing the skin, and also in tightening the stomach.
  • A daily paint of the abdomen is done and the abdomen is washed with warm water afterwards.

5-A mixture of Vaseline and natural oils

Vaseline is mixed with olive oil, bitter almond oil, lavender oil and coconut oil, and a cream is applied to the abdomen on a daily basis, to obtain a smooth and taut stomach.

6-Sugar and grape oil
It is considered an effective product in dissolving fats and tightening flabby by adding a cup of sugar to some grape seed oil, and applying them to the abdomen daily.

7-Banana and honey blends
Of the mixtures that moisturize the skin, bananas are mashed with honey and a cream is applied to the abdomen, which is applied daily, and rinsing the abdomen with lukewarm water after leaving the mixture for half an hour.