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Benefits of artichoke for slimming

Benefits of artichoke for slimming

The benefits of artichoke for slimming are due to the fact that it is a healthy food in the daily diet that helps in the process of weight loss and fat burning. And the benefits of artichoke for slimming are also related to its components of antioxidants that regulate the liver and rid the body of toxins. Whether you eat artichokes cooked, boiled, or even drunk after boiling them, the benefits of artichoke for slimming include:

Benefits of artichoke for slimming

Artichokes are low in calories; In a hundred grams of it, about 53 calories. Artichokes are also an excellent source of fiber that gives a feeling of fullness and helps the body digest fats and get rid of food waste. It is known that disposing of food waste is one of the most important keys to a proper diet, and it achieves weight loss.

The nutritional value of artichokes

A quantity of one hundred grams of artichoke (about two of it) provides the body with 9% of its daily requirement of fiber, vitamin C (12%), folate (22%), the minerals chromium, manganese, magnesium, phosphorous (12%), potassium (6%), iron and zinc. Vitamin A (5%), calcium, copper, vitamin E (4%), niacin (2%), thiamine (4%), riboflavin (6%), and vitamin B6 (6%).

These main nutritional components of fiber, minerals and vitamins available in artichoke fruits, as well as energy, proteins, sugars and lighter fats, make these vegetables preferable for getting good nutrition, without overburdening the body with high amounts of energy and fats. In addition, artichoke is an excellent source of fiber, which extends the feeling of satiety for a long time.

Health benefits of artichokes

• Artichoke fights skin cancer.
• Artichoke treats liver and gallbladder problems.
• It reduces cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood.
• Treats indigestion.
It is an important source of folate (folic acid).
• Artichoke cleanses the liver from toxins.