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Benefits of celery juice

Benefits of celery juice

Celery is known as one of the plants that is characterized by a strong smell, and celery is known as a plant species that follows the genus of celery, and it is a type of tent, which ranges from vegetables, and it can be eaten boiled or fresh, as it enters in the manufacture of many healthy dishes such as salads as celery contains Many substances that are important to the health of the body, and in this article we will learn about the benefits of celery juice.

Benefits of celery juice
Benefits of celery juice


Celery is known as one of the types of plants that belong to the camp family, which includes many plants, such as parsley, parsley, and root vegetables, as the stems of the celery plant are mostly consumed as a snack, and it is considered a low-calorie healthy meal, and it is also possible to use Its seeds to relieve pain, and celery can be eaten boiled or raw, and it is worth noting that when cooking celery, it may lose some of the nutrients it contains, according to what has been shown by many studies conducted in the Chinese Academy of Plant Production Science that have been conducted The year two thousand and ten.

Celery is a healthy and useful additive to juices, and it can be eaten with various cheese products, or with dipping sauce, and in salads, or it can be added to some sandwiches to give a crunchy taste, and it can be added to soups as well, as for its seeds can be added to Vegetable dishes, soups, or put it with their own salad dressings, and it is worth noting that celery is widely grown in regions with temperate climates.

Celery is considered a two-year plant, and the length of the celery plant reaches six percent and its width reaches three by ten meters. The celery plant blooms at the beginning of January and until the end of August, and its seeds ripen between the months of August and September. 

Benefits of celery juice

There are many benefits of celery juice, including the following:

  • Celery juice helps fight hyperlipidemia
  • A person may develop lipidosis at any time as a result of the increase in the number of fat particles in the blood than normal, and although this health condition often has no symptoms, it may cause long-term cardiovascular disease, and scientists have conducted a study and it was Summary: When consuming celery extract, it reduces blood lipids.
  • Celery juice helps promote a healthy nervous system
  • As celery contains apigenin, which is very important for the growth of nerve cells, and thus increases the health of the nervous system in general. And in another study conducted by researchers on mice in the year two thousand and nine, where they injected mice apigenin, and proved that this substance helped improve the cognitive rate of mice.
  • Celery treats various diseases
  • As celery contains plant compounds that contribute to the treatment of arthritis and gout, muscle spasms, infections of all kinds, the treatment of high blood pressure, colds and flu, and the treatment of water retention.

harmfull celery juice

Celery juice can cause some damage, including:

  • Malnutrition because it is not considered a reliable staple meal.
  • Not suitable for patients with hypertension, as it contains a large proportion of salts.
  • Skin irritation and sensitivity because it contains psoralen.