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Correct methods of stabilizing the weight

Correct methods of stabilizing the weight

Most women follow a diet to gain the desired weight and deny themselves delicious foods and harden a lot on themselves, and suffer what they suffer to get a beautiful and graceful body, and as soon as you reach the weight you dream of until you think that the task is over, but you must know my lady that this The belief is very wrong, as a new stage that is no less important than the weight loss stage begins now, which is the stage of weight stabilization.

Correct methods of stabilizing the weight
Correct methods of stabilizing the weight

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Here is a set of valuable tips to keep you from gaining weight again:

-Avoid eating foods rich in sugars and sweets as much as possible, and in case you have to, make sure that the quantity is very small because these foods will be very dangerous at this stage as they work to restore weight quickly because they contain large calories.
-In order to maintain your weight, you must adhere to some obligations at this stage, such as avoiding drinking caffeinated drinks such as coffee and tea, and soft drinks that contain many calories and replacing these drinks with water.
At this stage, make sure to eat brown bread and stay away from ready-made sauces, and replace butter or ghee in cooking with light vegetable oils, as it is more healthy, and you should also replace red meat with white as possible.

-Stay away from pastries and starches, such as rice and pasta, and replace them with those made from whole grains.
-One of the foundations for the success of this stage is the regulation of food and the control of the amount of food, so you can choose what you desire from food, but with correct rules and principles, and make sure that the amount of calories consumed during one day does not exceed 1500 calories.