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Diet warm water and bananas to lose 5 kg

Diet warm water and bananas to lose 5 kg

Dieting warm water and bananas is an effective diet regimen for losing weight and burning fats accumulated in the body. So what are the characteristics of warm water and banana diet, and ways to apply it?

Diet warm water and bananas to lose 5 kg

               Diet warm water and bananas to lose 5 kg

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The characteristics of warm water and banana diet

Bananas are not only a nutritious fruit rich in essential minerals and vitamins, but they also have many other health properties. The results of a recent study showed that eating 24 grams of bananas daily helps to lose about 5 kilograms of weight in a week and improves insulin response Individuals with diabetes.

Banana benefits in dieting

Bananas facilitate the digestion of food in a quick time, and prevent the accumulation of fats in the body. It creates a feeling of satiety, because it contains a large proportion of starch, which makes its consumption feel full. Bananas help the body in the secretion of "colestoenin", especially when eaten for breakfast, as it sends signals to the nervous system to feel full, which reduces the desire to eat, and thus weight loss.

Bananas burn fats accumulated in the body, by improving metabolism.

Benefits of warm water in dieting

Drinking warm water breaks down fat deposits in the body, which helps in losing weight, and also promotes metabolic activity, which leads to effective and rapid burning of calories.
Drinking warm water a quarter of an hour before eating any meal helps to feel full and full, which reduces food intake and works to reduce appetite, reducing calories gained by 13%.

ways to apply warm water and banana diet

In the morning: two bananas and two cups of warm water, upon waking up and before eating breakfast.

During the day: Eat healthy, desirable foods, away from consuming sugars, sweets and saturated fats, provided that the last meal comes at 6 pm, while refraining from eating after that. To enhance the functioning of the digestive system, drink plenty of water during the day, as before every meal, which prevents water retention and the accumulation of fats in the body.
These easy instructions are carefully applied to achieve the desired result of losing 5 kilograms of weight within a week.