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Joint strengthening exercises

Joint strengthening exercises

With age, the body loses muscle mass and bone strength, which can lead to joint pain and impaired mobility. Exercise helps protect joints and ward off many health problems. Here is a set of exercises to strengthen joint muscles:

7 exercises to strengthen joint muscles

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7 exercises to strengthen joint muscles

Exercises that help strengthen joint muscles

Besides aging, many health conditions can cause muscle weakness, such as neuromuscular disorders, multiple sclerosis (MS), autoimmune diseases and myasthenia gravis; To strengthen the joint muscles, we suggest a set of useful exercises in this context:

1- Lateral walk

This exercise is useful for strengthening the hip joints

How to do a side walk:

After the warm-up, wrap an elastic band around both legs, just above the knees, take a squat position by bending and bending the knees slightly, and start doing side steps in one direction, keeping the toes forward and not leaving the legs together completely.
Repeat the exercise several times on both sides.

2- The one-legged bridge

This exercise helped strengthen the lower back muscles and the hip and knee joints

A bridge exercise is a great warm-up exercise.

How to do the gluteus bridge with one leg:

 After lying on the mat, arms down along the sides, bend one knee and hold the foot as close to the back as possible. The other leg is straightened.

Apply firm pressure on your foot and tighten your buttocks to squeeze your hips while lifting the body (butt, outstretched leg, back) upward. Maintain this position for a few seconds before lowering and repeating.

Do 3 sets 10 times.

3- Extending the back

This exercise helps relieve stress on the back muscles and joints

How to backtrack:

 After lying on your stomach on a Swiss ball, and placing your hands on the floor to support the body, the toes are bent and the legs fixed, and the buttocks and legs are raised together as one unit, so that they are in line with your torso. Hold this position for up to 5 seconds, then lower your legs without completely touching the floor.

Repeat the exercise 10 times with both legs, and 10 more times for each single leg.

Note: If you suffer from a back injury, it is best to consult a doctor.

4- Forearm plank

Old, front and side forearm panels feed in strengthening the back joints.

How to make a forearm plank:

Place your forearms on the floor, so that your elbows are below your shoulder joints. Extend the legs straight back.
Press your arms firmly into the ground and tighten your shoulders and glutes, before lifting the body up, so that it forms a straight line. Maintain this position for one minute.
Repeat the exercise several times.

5- Bulgarian squat (squat with one leg)

This exercise strengthens the hip stabilizers and improves balance.

How to do the Bulgarian squat:

 After standing straight in front of the seat about one step away, place your back toes on the seat. Tilt your torso slightly forward from your hips, so your weight is on your front foot. 

Bend both legs, so that the foot on the floor forms a 90-degree angle. Do not lean forward and lower your torso vertically instead of leaning forward. 

Press on your front foot, to return to the starting point. Weight can be added to the exercise with dumbbells.

Repeat this exercise several times on both legs.

6- Dead lift with one leg

This exercise targets your hamstrings and buttocks, and takes pressure off your joints.

How to do the single leg deadlift:

 After standing on one leg, and bending the other back, bend your body forward while keeping the knee stationary for balance, and return the back leg and lift it up. 

Press on the back of your standing leg to return to the starting point. A dumbbell can be held with a single fist to prevent twisting of the hips.

Repeat the exercise several times on both legs.

7- Exercise push-up

This exercise targets the chest muscles, shoulders, arms, especially the triceps muscle.

How to do chest-to-floor pushups:

After you've taken the plank position, your neck neutral and your palms just below your shoulders, and your back flat, start lowering your body by bending your elbows while keeping them facing slightly back. Slide down until your chest hits the ground.

 Immediately straighten your elbows and push your body back to return to the starting position.

Repeat the exercise several times, for 3 sets.