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The 6 best vitamins that help burn fat

The 6 best vitamins that help burn fat

Old age is not the only reason for a slowing down of the human metabolism. Deficiency in some vitamins and minerals is also one of the most important reasons that slow down the metabolism process responsible for converting the food we eat into energy.

The 6 best vitamins that help burn fat
The 6 best vitamins that help burn fat

The thing that explains the importance of identifying the most important vitamins that help burn fat. Because it contributes to speeding up the metabolism and thus burning more calories and faster, which contributes to losing weight in the end.

Here are the 6 best vitamins to take with dieting to maintain and enhance body functions, including burning fat quickly and controlling weight loss:

The 6 best vitamins that help burn fat

You should first know how to burn body fats: When your body feels a lack of energy when consuming fewer calories than those you burn, it will try to release glycerin and free fatty acids into the bloodstream from fat cells to make up for the energy deficiency.

Some vitamins and minerals play an important role in this fat burning process, but this does not at all mean that consuming these ingredients in excessive quantities will lead you to lose weight. On the other hand, if you suffer from a deficiency in one of these vitamins, compensating for this deficiency will help you burn fat more quickly.

Continue reading this article if you are interested in searching for the name of vitamins for the diet, and to also learn about the most important foods that naturally contain them:

1 vitamin D.

Two studies on the relationship of vitamin D and obesity in children and elderly women showed that participants with greater body fat also had lower levels of vitamin D.

Researchers are still not completely sure that vitamin D deficiency causes obesity, but a 2013 study published in Nutrition Journal indicated that 12 weeks of eating a low-calorie diet combined with calcium and vitamin D supplements led to significant weight loss. Greater compared to a low-calorie diet alone.
Research also indicates that vitamin D can help control blood sugar and improve insulin resistance in people with diabetes.

2 Vitamin B complex for weight loss

When you read the ingredients for most body slimming pills, you will find that they contain B complex vitamins for weight loss. Indeed, these vitamins play an important role in improving and speeding up the metabolism process, which makes the body use all the foods we eat for energy instead of storing it as fat, so it is the perfect slimming vitamin.

Some consider it as the most famous name for diet vitamins, because the benefits of vitamin B are not limited to being vitamins that help burn fat and lose weight only, but also extend to a host of other health benefits:

  • Helping to produce red blood cells and preventing anemia.
  • Helps reduce osteoporosis.
  • It gives you a boost of energy and improves your mood, which is what motivates you to exercise.
  • Improve heart health.
  • Vitamin B promotes healthy hair and skin.

Deficiency in one type of vitamin B compared to other groups can disrupt a person's metabolism. For example, although vitamin B12 is necessary for the metabolism of proteins and fats, it requires both vitamin B6 and folic acid to function properly.

Therefore it is extremely important that you eat foods that contain B vitamins regularly to meet your body's daily needs for this substance.

3 benefits of calcium for weight loss

Several studies have shown the link between calcium and fat burning, due to its vital role in speeding up metabolism. It can also contribute to controlling blood sugar and strengthening bone health, as well as the slimming benefits of calcium.

Taking calcium supplements with vitamin D in conjunction with a healthy diet can also contribute to weight loss, as research has shown.

These results are reinforced by another study conducted in 2007, which observed the existence of weight loss in people with type 2 diabetes, who rely on a diet rich in calcium through milk and its derivatives.

Although calcium supplements are available, it is recommended to consume natural sources of calcium from food.

4 Maintaining the normal range of iron is essential for weight loss

In addition to being necessary for the proper functioning of cells, for healthy growth and the creation of some hormones, iron can be considered among the most important minerals and vitamins that help burn fats in the body. How is that?

Iron is essential for transporting oxygen to red cells in the blood, which in turn carry oxygen to and from muscles and tissues in the body. If a person has low iron levels, the muscles will not receive enough oxygen and thus it will be difficult for them to burn fat to produce the energy needed for movement.

You must focus on eating foods that contain iron in good proportions in order to be able to lose weight as you want.

5 Magnesium for weight loss

The chemical reactions that produce energy cannot occur in the body without magnesium. The thing that explains the importance of this element in order to accelerate the process of metabolism and slimming.

Magnesium can also work for weight loss by controlling the level of glucose and insulin in the blood (the fat storage hormone). How do I get magnesium then?

6 Vitamin C for slimming

Plus getting a daily dose of vitamin C helps your body function properly, it helps you lose weight effectively. People who are deficient in vitamin C often have difficulty eliminating fat, according to a 2005 study published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition.

The authors of the same study also indicate that getting adequate amounts of vitamin C increases the oxidation of body fats during moderate exercise.


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