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The best 8 exercises to slim the buttocks

The best 8 exercises to slim the buttocks

You want how to slim the buttocks because the accumulation of fat in this area has become annoying, so here are the best 8 exercises for slimming the buttocks.

The best 8 exercises to slim the buttocks
The best 8 exercises to slim the buttocks

 Yes indeed, some women in particular suffer from the problem of storing excess weight in the lower part of the body, perhaps for genetic, hormonal reasons, or after the stage of pregnancy and lactation, as these reasons vary and differ, so are the solutions for buttock reduction.

Although it is difficult to lose fat in a specific area of ​​the body, burning whole body fat while tightening the buttock muscles can lead to slimming of the buttocks. You can do most of your buttock training exercises at home without having to go to the gym.

Through these eight exercises to slim the buttocks and thighs, you will target three major muscles in the buttocks, which are the upper, lower and middle muscles.

1 Running exercises are exercises to get rid of buttocks

Running is one of the best exercises for effective weight loss, but this sport focuses a lot on tightening the leg muscles and buttocks, which restores the normal shape of the thighs and buttocks, so running can be considered one of the most important exercises to lose the buttocks, thighs and buttocks.

The beauty of running exercises is that it is a sport that does not need any expensive equipment except for the need to have a sports shoe in order to avoid bending at the knee level. In addition to being exercises to get rid of the buttocks, it is also useful for improving the functions of both the heart and the respiratory system, as it strengthens all the muscles of the lower body.

2 hiit exercises are an essential component of any butt lift exercises

For people who are looking for the fastest way to slim down their buttocks, they can try the hiit high shoulders exercises that have become the most popular workout in the world according to 2018 statistics (source).

HIIT exercises depend on exerting maximum effort in one particular training for a short period of time, and then immediately after that the same exercise, but this time at a slower pace and in a longer time.

After you warm up, you can set the indoor treadmill at a speed of 11 kilometers per hour for one minute.

Then you run at a pace of 8 kilometers per hour for 2 minutes. Repeat this process five times, equivalent to 15 minutes of HIT-style jogging.

In this way, you will get rid of fats all over the body, including the buttocks area, because hiit exercises are considered more than others in burning body fat, according to one of the studies conducted in 2011.

3 sport climbing

do not be surprised! It is not intended to climb mountains, there are many ways to do this even if you do not have high physical fitness, so climbing stairs, for example, is an easy way to tighten and slim the buttocks and maintain heart and lung health at the same time.

Climbing exercises help strengthen the muscles of the buttocks and upper thighs. Here are some of the ways that you can do this type of exercise to get rid of buttocks:

  • Register for a club that has step-by-step climbing machines inside the gym.
  • Hiking in nature that includes a lot of heights.
  • Up the stairs.
  • Professional climbing wall can be used.

In addition to that climbing exercises are exercises to slim the buttocks and buttocks in particular, they also provide other health benefits. And this is part of which was shown by one of the studies that monitored the health of about 15 women who climbed 199 stairs once a day in the first week, and then increased the pace of climbing until it reached five times a day in the seventh week.

The results showed that climbing had a clear effect on oxygen absorption in addition to reducing the level of harmful cholesterol in the body

4 squat exercises

Squat exercises are exercises to lose the buttocks, thighs, buttocks and abdomen at the same time, because this exercise has the ability to activate each of the muscles of the buttocks, legs and abdomen.

According to one study published in the Journal of Physical Therapy for Orthopedic and Sport in 2009 that examined the effect of a group of exercises on the Maximus Gluteus muscle and the Gluteus Medius muscle for the rear, it was found that single leg squats were the best option to activate both the large muscle and Medium for the buttocks.

To do the fullest squat training with one leg, you can follow these steps:

  • First, extend your arms in front of your body.
  • Stand on the left leg and extend the right leg straight forward, as high as possible.
  • Try to lower your buttocks as slowly as possible, while keeping the leg elevated.
  • Make sure your back remains straight while descending, and that the left knee is in line with the direction of the left foot.
  • Return to the starting position and repeat this exercise several times before switching to the right leg.

If it is difficult for you to complete the squat exercise with one leg, you can do squat with two legs, you can also hold additional loads with your hands during this training to increase the level of intensity and to make these exercises more effective exercises for slimming the buttocks.

5 benefits of longs exercise to lose buttocks and thighs

Among the benefits of exercise Lunges is to strengthen and tighten the muscles of the lower body in general, so it is also suitable for losing the buttocks and thighs. There are a variety of exercises that you can do as part of a lunging exercise like this, whether as a forward, lateral, or lateral lunge.

Longs traditional exercise is through forward lunge, and depends mainly on the muscles of the thighs and calves. In order to do this exercise you must do the following steps:

  • In a standing position, spread your feet slightly apart.
  • Take a big step forward with the left leg.
  • Try to lower slowly by bending both knees at a right angle.
  • Make sure that the right knee does not touch the ground, and try to also ensure that your left knee does not go beyond the level of your toes.
  • Return to the standing position again and repeat this movement several times.
  • Do the same exercise, but this time replacing the feet position.

Exercise of the deadlift 6

You can try the deadlift exercise to slim the buttocks and tighten the muscles of the lower body, in order to improve your ability to maintain a balance position and to strengthen the muscles of the abdomen and lower back. The leg lift also activates the gluteus muscles.

To do this exercise correctly, follow these steps:

  • Stand on one leg, keeping both hands on both sides.
  • Extend the second leg back and keep your back flat and your shoulders back.
  • Lean forward from the hips until the hamstrings stretch. Do not let your chest drop below the level of your hips.
  • Return to the starting position and repeat the deadlift for several times, and do not forget to change the position of the legs.
  • You can lift additional weights to increase the intensity of this type of exercise to slim the buttocks.

7 side hip lift exercises to lose buttocks

With lateral hip raises, you will be able to lose buttocks by strengthening the gluteus medius muscle. Here are some tips that you can follow to get this exercise done the right way:

  • Lie on one side and keep your legs straight.
  • Slowly raise the upper leg as high as you can reach, without moving the hip back or forward.
  • Lower the leg slowly and repeat this movement several times on each side.

8 Lateral walk with resistance rope

The lateral walking exercise with resistance rope strengthens the hip and knees in addition to working the gluteus muscle, so it belongs to the list of the 8 best exercises for slimming the buttocks. Here's how to do this exercise:

  • Take the resistance rope and place it under the heels of the feet and make sure the belt stays extended and straight over your shoes.
  • Stretch the legs to shoulder-width apart, and make sure to distribute the pressure on the feet evenly.
  • Bend your knees slightly, as is a squat exercise, and press the muscles of the buttocks and abdomen.
  • Take a small step to the side with one foot, about 8 cm. Move the other foot in the same direction, the same distance.

Repeat this movement 10 times in both directions.