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Tips To tighten the abdomen after cesarean delivery

Tips to tighten the abdomen after cesarean delivery

The cesarean section is one of the operations that have a great effect on the abdomen.

Tips to tighten the abdomen after cesarean delivery

Tips to tighten the abdomen after cesarean delivery

There are many methods that work to tighten the sagging abdomen after a cesarean delivery, and to soften and improve the appearance of the abdomen.

And before starting any procedures to tighten the abdomen, one must consult a doctor so that there are no side effects of these prescriptions on the abdomen and the wound resulting from this birth.

Tips to tighten the abdomen after cesarean delivery

 We mention these steps as follows:

- Doing exercises that increase the strength of the abdominal muscles.

  • And it works to tighten the skin in the abdominal area and reduce wrinkles while walking on the treadmill.
  • Do stomach exercises and cycling half an hour every day.
  • The condition of the body must be observed while doing these exercises.

- Take care to do pelvic exercises and abdominal stretching exercises.

  • And it is done very easily at home for a set period every day.
  • And the workout groups of exercises each group ten times for each movement.
  • Work to do a diet that reduces fat from the body and reduces fat that is concentrated in the abdominal area, buttocks and waist.

- Consult your doctor about some creams and creams that are used to tighten the sagging in the abdominal area.

- Provided that it is safe for the body and for women during the breastfeeding stage.

How long can I get rid of belly sagging?

A question that haunts many women after the completion of the birth stage, as tightening the abdomen sagging and reducing the rumen takes a long time to return to the first body position.

Therefore, every woman seeks to know the ideal method that is the fastest way to reach production.

The speed of getting rid of belly slouches and rumen depends on many factors, namely weight, size of body mass, method of birth and age:

- If the weight is normal and increased during pregnancy and childbirth.

  • It is easy to download this weight easily.
  • As it is considered simple fat and some water retention in the body.

- If a woman weighs a lot more than normal, then the reduction of belly fat and her flabbiness take a lot of time.

As the body has a great readiness to increase and its increase is greater than normal in the period of childbirth and camels, and it may take many months to obtain the required strength.

- A woman's age greatly affects her ability to remove belly fat and rumen.

  • Whereas, the lower the age, the easier it is to download the rumen easily.
  • If the age increases, this will affect the time of removing the rumen, as the skin has lost many of its age, and thus it is difficult to return to its first state.

What are the drinks that help to relieve the abdomen?

The types of natural drinks that help in lowering the abdomen, as they have an effective effect in this matter.

We mention some of them, for example:

1.Mustard and fennel

  • It is one of the drinks that have a great effect in removing excess fluid in the body and reducing belly fat.
  • It is recommended to drink it after childbirth and pregnancy, to work on reducing the stomach and flabbiness.

2.Ginger and pomegranate peel

  • A great fat burning drink.
  • It is used after cesarean sections for its ability to burn belly fat.
  • And for its great benefits, as it has many vitamins that help in the health of the body.


  • It is an effective drink to reduce belly fat.
  • It is also used to reduce the amount of excess fluid in the body.


  • One of the things that must be followed is drinking adequate amounts of water.
  • As the water works to moisturize the body and skin.
  • The body is purified from harmful toxins.
  • And it works to reduce the level of fats in the blood and in the body.

5.Drink warm lemon with honey

  • It gives the body many beneficial vitamins.
  • And it burns large amounts of fat.
  • And put a spoonful of honey with hot water added to it with some lemon juice, and it is preferable to drink it daily before bed.

6.Parsley and celery

It is one of the drinks that burn body fat.
And it has a high ability to remove excess fluid in the body and the abdominal area in particular.