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Vitamin C benefits for slimming

Vitamin C benefits for slimming

Only a few people know the benefits of vitamin C for slimming, although they are aware of its other benefits, especially strengthening immunity. This article reviews the most important health benefits of this vitamin, its role in weight loss, its natural sources, and if vitamin C pills really slim, are they free of side effects?

Vitamin C benefits for slimming
Vitamin C benefits for slimming

Before discussing the uses of vitamin C for weight gain or slimming, let us first know its most important health benefits.

Vitamin C health benefits

You might not just think about the benefits of vitamin C when you fight colds and flu, but this versatile substance does so much more than that. The following are its most important health benefits, whether by eating foods rich in this vitamin or by taking some supplements, such as the benefits of vitamin C 1000 pills (but a specialist should be consulted in the second case):

  • Boosting immunity: It really helps in fighting colds and coughs, as it is included in almost all prescriptions for treating these diseases.
  • Vitamin C is one of the most powerful antioxidants that can help reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease.
  • Vitamin C supplements can help lower blood pressure.
  • I found a close relationship between eating foods and supplements rich in vitamin C and between lowering levels of uric acid in the blood and a reduced risk of gout.
  • Vitamin C can improve the absorption of poorly absorbed iron, such as iron from plant sources.
  • Some studies have shown that there is a close link between low levels of this vitamin and between the risks of memory and thinking disorders such as dementia. On the other hand, it has been proven that among the benefits of vitamin C is its protective effect against these diseases.

Benefits of vitamin C for weight loss

Getting a daily dose of vitamin C not only helps your body function properly, but it can also aid in weight loss effectively. Before asking colloquially who has tried vitamin C for weight loss, first know the studies that have shown its role in slimming.

In fact, people who are deficient in vitamin C may have a hard time losing fat mass, according to a review published in 2005 in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition.

Although vitamin C does not necessarily directly cause weight loss, it remains linked to body weight. As the study published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition indicated, higher vitamin C intake is associated with lower body mass index (BMI). The authors of this review also indicated that the benefits of vitamin C for slimming appear when sufficient amounts are taken as it increases the oxidation of body fats during moderate-intensity exercise.


Therefore, vitamin C deficiency may hinder weight loss and body fat loss.

The most important natural sources of vitamin C

The recommended daily intake for vitamin C is 90 mg per day for men and 75 mg per day for women. Natural sources of vitamin C include:
  • Red bell peppers: 95 mg in 1/2 cup.
  • Orange juice: 93 mg per three-quarter cup.
  • A medium-sized orange contains 70 mg of vitamin C.
  • Grapefruit: 64 mg in a medium-sized pill.